Property Management

Auctions, Sales, & Leases

The Maricopa County Real Estate Division is responsible for auctioning off excess lands owned by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District) or the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). "Excess lands" is defined as a piece of land or a "remnant" of a larger parcel, which the District or MCDOT has acquired as part of a project and is no longer needed by that Agency. Sign up for email updates from MCDOT.


Prior to being made available for auction, the following agency requirements must be met.
  • The parcel must be classified as excess by the Excess Lands Committee of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District) or Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) and subsequently declared as excess by the FCD's or MCDOT's Board of Directors.
  • An appraisal of the excess land by an independent 3rd party appraiser will establish the value. The appraised value is the minimum bid at auction.
  • The excess land public auction must be advertised for a minimum of 30 days.
  • All excess land will be sold to the public via public auction, or to another government entity for public purpose.

Excess Land Auction Process

To successfully purchase excess lands from MCDOT or the District, prospective buyers must follow the Real Estate Division's auction process.
  1. Step 1: Auction Request
  2. Step 2: Status Verification
  3. Step 3: Committee Review
  4. Step 4: Appraisal
  5. Step 5: Bid Information Release
  6. Step 6: Auction Day
  7. Step 7: Finalize Purchase

Prospective buyers need to submit an Auction Request Form (PDF) to the Property Management Branch of the Real Estate Division. This form states your intent to purchase the subject property at public auction and your willingness to submit a Fee Reimbursement to bring the property to public auction. The Fee Reimbursement typically covers appraisal and title reports is and can vary from $1,000 - $5,000. This Fee Reimbursement will be collected prior to an appraisal or title reports being ordered.

Scheduled Auctions

Name Date/Time Parcel #
Acres Location
Cave Buttes (Sold)
Nov. 1, 2016
1:00 PM
H-2646-EX see bid package
265 +/-
Cave Creek Road /
Riggs Cell Tower May 1, 2017 M-2148-SD3 304-80-009E 1955.75 sq ft Riggs Rd & East Maricopa Floodway in Gilbert
McKellips Cell Tower May 5, 2017 SH527 219-25-961B
76th St and McKellips
Dysart Drain May 18, 2018 DYD-12-EX3 501-42-009D 4.3845 E. of Reems Rd, North of Northern Pkwy

For the list below, in the "Area" column:

  1. C = Central
  2. NC = Northcentral
  3. SE = Southeast
  4. NE = Northeast
  5. SW = Southwest
  6. NW = Northwest

Available for Sale

Area Location APN #
Acres +/-
Zoning Parcel #
West of 17th Ave, South of Maddock Rd
211-51-003D 1.22 +/-
RU-43 MC
C NW Corner of 15th Ave & Maddock Rd
211-51-053M 2.72 +/-
RU-43 MC
C 35th & Vogel Avenues
149-36-466 0.14 +/-
R1-6 Phx
C 32nd Street, South of McDowell Rd
121-07-132 0.14+/- R1-6 Phx FP-045-EX
NC 35613 N Central Ave 211-53-065A
1.31+/- RU-43 MC FP-016-EX
NC West of Cave Creek Rd, South of Jomax Rd Por of 212-15-003A, 004A, 001L, 002Q 265.00+/- R1-18 Phx H-2646-EX
NC West side of 12th St, South of Jenny Lin Rd
202-20-453 4.90+/- RU-43 MC FP-007-EX
NE E side of Gilbert Rd, North of McDowell Rd 141-03-035 1.23+/- R1-43 Mesa X-0167-EX-1
NW SW corner Happy Valley Pkwy & 115th Ave Por of 201-21-048A 4.06+/- RU-43 MC X-0270-EX1
NW Southeast corner Happy Valley Pkwy & 115th Ave Por of 201-21-048A 1.71+/- RU-43 MC X-0270-EX2
NW West of 109th Ave,  South of Happy Valley Rd Por of 201-21-002J 5.86+/- RU-43 MC X-0264-EX
NW 115th Avenue, North of Happy Valley Road 201-21-042A 3.25+/- RU-43 MC X-0298-EX
NW North of Loop 303 West of El Mirage Rd
503-53-015C & 018C 162.32+/- RU-43 MC X-0274-EX
NW South of Loop 303 West of El Mirage Rd 503-53-015D & 018D 43.56+/- RU-43 MC X-0275-EX
NW 54th Ave & Wescott Dr 200-25-161C 0.83+/- A-1 Glendale K-62-1EX-1
SE NE of NE corner of 43rd Ave & Baseline Rd Pt of 105-89-010H 6.59 +/- AG, Phx SPL-025B-EX1
SW SE corner Siesta Way & 351st Avenue Por of 401-42-269B
1.02+/- RU-43 MC A006.001-EX
SW NE corner 99th & Meadowbrook Aves Not Assessed 0.23+/- RU-43 Phx X-0213-EX
SW South of MC85,  West of Agua Fria River Por of 500-41-005B
3.36+/- R1-6 Avondale MI-1N1W-14