Trash Compacting Sample

Trash Compacting - Maricopa County Parks

Trash compacting is accomplished at the various Maricopa County Parks by an assigned multi-person ground crews. Each full dumpster is rolled into the lift-gate and secured in position. The operator then activates the lift-gate to lift/tip the dumpster, which is sprayed clean. After being lowered, the dumpster is rolled to a designated area for placement on the grounds.

When performing this activity, always remember to take the following safety precautions:
Steps Always Remember To
Push/pull full dumpster into hydraulic lift gate. Use your body weight by pushing the dumpster's to move them. Pull to steer/guide the dumpster.

Wear protective canvas or leather gloves.

Drain water from dumpster, if possible, to reduce the weight.
Raise hydraulic lift gate to "UP" position, dumping contents. N/A
Spray remaining trash residue from raised dumpster with water hose. Wear eye or face protection when spraying/cleaning the dumpster.
Lower hydraulic lift gate and emptied dumpster back to ground level.
Stay clear from the lowering area.
Pull the empty dumpster from the lift gate to the designated area for placement on grounds.
Push dumpster's to move, pull to steer/guide.

Wear protective canvas or leather gloves.