Conditions of Awards

All Condition of Awards (COA) are required at the beginning of every grant year. The following is a short description and template of all required Condition of Awards. All Condition of Awards are due no later than April 15th of the current grant year.
  1. Agency Contacts
  2. Budget Template
  3. Business Associate Agreement
  4. CAREWare User Agreements
The Agency Contacts (PDF) COA helps ensure that valuable information gets to the appropriate party at your agency. If more contacts are needed for a specific liaison, please add the individual(s) to the Agency Contact Table and submit via email.
  1. Client Policy Documents
  2. Cost Allocation Policy
  3. HIPAA Requirement
  4. Indirect Cost Plan
The Maricopa County Ryan White Part A (RWPA) Program requires that Quality Management review and approve client policy documents upon award of funds for all contractors. The policies that are required to be submitted include your agencies Client Rights and Responsibilities and Grievance policy and procedures. View the Client Policy Documents (PDF).
  1. Licensing & Qualifications
  2. Medicaid Verification
  3. Nutrition Formulary
  4. Organizational Chart
The Planning Council Standards of Care outline the minimum experience and education requirements for direct service providers. Submission of licenses and resumes for direct services providers is required to ensure compliance. View Licensing and Qualifications (PDF).
  1. Single Financial Audit
  2. Sub-Contracting
  3. Therapy & Support Groups
  4. Whistle Blower Protection

A133 Financial Audit

The Single Audit (OMB A-133 Audit) (PDF) is performed by an independent certified public accountant (CPA), and must be filed electronically with the Federal Audit Clearinghouse each year. The Single Audit looks at the recipient's financial records, financial statements, federal award transactions and expenditures, internal control systems, and the federal assistance it received during the audit period.