Planning & Development

The Maricopa County Planning and Development Department is governed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. The department has statutory authority per Title 11 of the Arizona Revised Statutes for land use planning, zoning, land subdivision, and construction permitting programs.

The Planning and Zoning Commission and the Building Code Advisory Board act as the citizens’ commission and board that review Planning and Development regulatory amendments.

Planning and Development is responsible for drafting and amending regulations related to land use planning, zoning, land subdivision and construction permitting, which include the:

  • Maricopa County Abatement Ordinance
  • Maricopa County Addressing Regulations
  • Maricopa County Hours of Construction Ordinance
  • Maricopa County Local Additions and Addenda (adopted construction safety codes)
  • Maricopa County Subdivision Regulations
  • Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance
  • Maricopa County Ordinance Establishing Fees Related to Licensing Time Frames
  • Licensing Time Frames Ordinance
  • Maricopa County Noise Ordinance
  • Maricopa County Military Airport Zoning Ordinance
  • Maricopa County Adult Oriented Facilities

Department-Specific Rulemaking Process Flowcharts

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