Active Living & Transportation

Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities

Livable Neighborhoods

Creating more livable neighborhoods means designing our communities to best meet the needs of all residents and improve the general quality of life. This requires a careful and thorough analysis of the needs of a diverse population, people of all ages, occupations, income levels and physical abilities. Access to public parks and recreational facilities have been shown to help reduce neighborhood crime, promote physical activity, and enhance mental health.

Design Team Responsibilities

Our Healthy Communities Design team in coordination with the Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities coalition offers a range of technical assistance to Maricopa County jurisdictions experiencing health and economic inequities, including assistance with policy development and program implementation, including:

  • Walkability assessments
  • Technical assistance with addressing safety issues
  • Connections to leaders and organizations to advocate for change
  • Tools for active living and physical activity
  • Bikeability and public transportation
  • Engagement with city/county planning through complete streets, general plans, and active transportation planning efforts
  • Health impact assessments
Father and Son Riding Bikes
  1. Healthy Community Design