How to register as a tire generator

How to apply

What you need in order to apply

  • Completed “Waste Tire Generator form”     

New Tire Dealers are required to submit the following items in order to register as a Waste Tire Generator:

    •  A copy of the latest TR-1 filed with the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) 
    •  A copy of the latest TR-1 proof of payment to ADOR    

    • Note: Most recent copy of the TR-1 and proof of payment to be submitted once a year to the Maricopa County Waste Tire Collection Site or emailed to   

Before you bring the tires to drop off...

  1. Make sure you have your completed waste tire disposal manifest, one for each place of business or each resident you collected tires from to the Waste Tire Collection Site. The manifest is mandatory and your tire load will be rejected without proper paperwork. Manifests can be obtained at the Maricopa County Waste Collection site, the address is below.
  2. Complete the waste tire generator registration form and bring to the Waste Tire Collection Site. The permit is required to dispose of your tires. This is only needed for new registrations.  Once you have a permit number, you do not need to bring it for every load. 
  3. Tires must be generated within Maricopa County.
    • All tires generated outside of Maricopa County will be charged a tonnage fee
  4. Make sure your tires are removed from the rims and not encased with dirt.
  5. Shredded, burnt, cut, or encased with dirt tires are not accepted.
  6. Residents may dispose the following: 
        • Five waste tires (passenger or semi tires) per year – no fee
        • Amounts over the ones listed above will be assessed a tonnage fee
  7. You must follow all posted rules at the disposal site.

Drop-off Locations & Fees

Retail Tire Dealer for On-Road Tires – For all businesses filing TR-1 forms and payments to the Arizona Department of Revenue

Type of Tire (Including New and Used)

Passenger – $0

Semi - $0

Mixed Load / Size Reduced / Shredded / Pieces or Parts     $140


Non “Waste Tire Program” Tires

Type of Tire (Including New and Used)

Passenger/Semi                                                         $84 per ton

OTR (Construction, mining, agriculture, etc...)         $140 per ton

Special Use (Test track tires, racing tires, etc...)         $84 per ton

  1. Maricopa County Waste Tire Collection Site

    Physical Address
    11400 E Pecos Road
    Mesa, AZ 85212



    Monday - Saturday

    6 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


    Closed on Sundays and holidays.

    View the County Calendar for Holidays Observed