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OET has completed the development of our IT Service Catalog and Cost Allocation. The Service Catalog and supporting Cost Allocation is a result of dedicated efforts to structure OET services in a way that provides all County departments a clear description of the services provided, expected service levels, and associated costs.

The Service Catalog and Cost Allocation model were developed from an extensive analysis of OET’s operations, consultation with leading national firms, including Gartner, and collaboration with the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Finance. The details for each Service Line are outlined in this brochure, including the services included within each Service Line. With the implementation of the Service Catalog, anticipated for FY18, the Service Lines will replace the current Central Service Cost Allocation (CSCA) as administered through the Department of Finance, which is composed of three broad services: General Services, PC/LAN, and Customer Support Services.
Services Catalog Cover
FY17 will represent a transition year in moving OET to an Internal Service Fund (ISF) that supports implementation of the Service Catalog. During this transition, OET will provide departments with an Interim Annual Service Statement that provides a detailed accounting of the services received, the costs for each service, and the reconciliation to the current CSCA and Telecom fees. The Service Catalog and new ISF will replace the current CSCA and Telecom Fees once OET, the Department of Finance, and the Office of Management and Budget complete the necessary steps to establish and implement the ISF for FY18.

I want to thank the Board of Supervisors, County Leadership, the Department of Finance, and the Office of Management and Budget for their support and collaboration of this key OET milestone. Implementation of OET’s Service Catalog will greatly improve the ability for all departments to understand how they are utilizing services and how they can contribute to improving the management of those services to reduce costs and improve value for the citizens of Maricopa County.
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