Our Partnership Principles

The Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD) is committed to developing and maintaining a strong human services system that is responsive, efficient, effective, and accountable. To achieve this system, HSD cannot do it alone; it can only be achieved through robust partnerships.

HSD will establish partnerships that are to the mutual benefit of both parties, which acknowledge each organization’s uniqueness. Priority will be given based on the broadest impact, greatest benefit, and immediate effect. HSD values these sustainable relationships built on mutual respect and cooperation.

The Partnership Principles define the formal relationship that is essential to a well-functioning human services system and ensures the best possible partnership. 

  1. Recognizes Common Customer and Common Goal
  2. Operates in Best Interest of Community
  3. Clearly Defined Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations
  4. Promotes Efficiency and Accountability
  5. Timely and Responsive in Activities
  6. Transparent, Open, and Direct through Regular Communication
  7. Concerns and Issues Identified and Communicated
  8. Acknowledges Accomplishments and Contributions
  9. Data-Driven and Outcome-Focused
  10. Solicits Input and Involvement in Planning