Threats & Hazards

There are many types of natural, technological, and man-made threats and hazards that could affect Maricopa County.The Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management plans for, prepares for, mitigates, responds to, and aids in recovery from these events. Knowing what risks you may face may allow you to prepare for and act in response to these threats and hazards. Visit for more information on how to prepare for large-scale emergencies.

READY, SET, GO for Evacuations

During any incident that may require you to evacuate, we want you to remember three things: READY, SET, GO

READY: Long before an emergency starts, you want to be prepared. Being READY means that you have an emergency plan created and a Go Bag packed. Visit: for more tips on how to create a plan and a Go Bag.

SET: When the emergency starts, you need to be prepared to evacuate the area. Being SET mean that you put your go bag by the door, you gather your family and pets, including livestock and be poised to leave as soon as possible.

GO: Once you receive a notification to evacuate, GO as soon as possible. Take your pets with you.

Visit: for more information.