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About the Program

The Maricopa County Shared Use Initiative focuses on the coordination and expansion of safe, affordable recreational spaces for community use.

The 2016 Shared Use Summit offered an exciting funding opportunity to community members interested in bring share use to their neighborhood. Public, private, and government entities brought together a diverse group of individuals that resulted in 6 shared use project teams.

Successfully activating 6 shared use sites, the project teams were able to connect over 1250 community members to safe, affordable recreational opportunities within the first few months.

Read more about the 6 shared use sites below. Maricopa County Shared Use Initiative was made possible thanks to funding from Maricopa County Department of Public Health and Vitalyst Health Foundation. 

  1. Mollen Foundation
  2. Nadaburg School District 
  3. Osborn School District
  4. Paloma School District
  5. Unlimited Potential
  6. Wilson School District

"Health Hub" at Garfield Elementary 

Project Focus and Activities:

  • Focus on food, community and healthy life habits
  • Create a garden, outdoor food preparation and cooking space
  • Mentorship programming


Garfield Elementary School
811 N. 13th Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85006


Mollen Foundation