ACYUC Become A Member

Member Benefits

Membership is open to parents, caregivers, family members, agency representatives, and young adults supporting children and youth with unique challenges. As a member you can expect:

  • Relationship building with community members
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Participation in policy change activities
  • Influence and involvement on special projects
  • An opportunity to create change with the ACYUC Team
  • And more!

Member Roles

  • Family Representatives are parents or caregivers of a child with unique challenges. They provide valuable perspective on the experiences of those with unique challenges.
  • Agency Representatives are professionals whose work impacts children and young adults with unique challenges and their families. This includes a diverse array of health and community professionals whose experience provides valuable perspective.
  • Young Adult Representatives are individuals who are their own legal guardians (ages 18-26 years old) with unique challenges. They provide valuable first-hand perspectives on their experience as an individual with unique challenges.

Member Skills

  • Activities 
    • Closely work and collaborate with Alliance members.
    • Fully participate by bringing ideas, engaging in discussion, development and implementation of Alliance activities in Maricopa County.
    • Actively participate in approved workgroups, special projects, resource review, presentations, and conferences, as needed.
  • Skills
    • Experience as a family member, agency employee, or young adult with unique challenges.
    • Willingness to provide perspective.
    • Desire to improve community experiences for individuals with unique challenges and their families.
    • Ability to work with a group to generate new ideas and seek innovative solutions to problems.
    • Action oriented.

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