Emission Reduction Credit Program

The Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) program creates a consistent method for sources to generate ERCs for future use in offsetting emissions in nonattainment areas throughout Maricopa County.

The ERC program provides both new and expanding Arizona businesses added opportunity in meeting mandatory federal Clean Air Act requirements to improve air quality while still allowing industrial development. This program allows participants to generate credits by creating permanent emission reductions from stationary and area sources in nonattainment areas. Participation is completely voluntary.

General Information

The following are useful resources that provide an overview of the ERC Program and why the program is important for Maricopa County.


Rules 204 and 242 establish procedures for certification and utilization of ERCs from traditional and nontraditional sources for use with the Arizona Voluntary Emissions Bank.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) administers the Arizona Voluntary Emissions Bank for the purpose of banking certified ERCs. The ADEQ website provides a search tool to see available ERCs and necessary forms for the utilization of ERCs that have been certified by Maricopa County.

Page revised 23 June 2023