Capital Projects

Maricopa County Capital Projects Video

Building a Stronger Maricopa County

Maricopa County is the fastest-growing county in the nation. To keep up with growth, your county government has spent $1.4 billion since 2000 on capital projects.  These include new construction, major upgrades, and investments in infrastructure or technology. Beyond the price tag of each project is a story of how that investment has helped us better serve the public. Learn more by clicking on the examples below.  You can also see the entire list of capital projects, or watch our video, to discover how wisely spent tax dollars translate into progress we can measure.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Medical Records

Energy Upgrades

Maricopa County Building Solar Panels

Northern Parkway

Northern Parkway Repair

Parks Upgrades

County parks upgrades

Sheriff's Crime Lab

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Crime Lab

Sheriff's Headquarters

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Headquarters

South Court Tower

Maricopa County South Court Tower Improvements

SW Regional Court Center

Southwest Regional Justice Court Center

Grand Canal Flood Control

Grand Canal Flood Control