Downloadable Lesson Plans

The goal of the Stormwater Quality Outreach Program is to raise awareness of stormwater runoff, offer solutions to runoff pollution, and to protect our drinking and recreational water.

These programs are for K-8 students and can be downloaded and easily done with students over the computer for distanced learning. Programs include a Lesson Plan with instructions and a PowerPoint to teach with. All supplies needed for the activities are basic school supplies to make it easier for participation.

Additional Information

For more information about our outreach programs, please call 602-689-2369.

  1. K-3
  2. 4-8

Participants will go on an adventure with Sam the Salamander as he travels downstream in a river.
Sam will swim through "bad things" called pollutants. Students will participate in helping Sam
make his way downstream and discuss ways to help him on future adventures.

K-3 Lesson Plan 

K-3 Presentation

sam in river