Right-of-Way Use Permit

The Flood Control District cares about the health of our customers, employees, and the community. 

To that end, we are taking steps to reduce foot traffic in county buildings and request customers to conduct their business electronically.

The following options are available for customers to submit permit applications:

The Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District) requires a Right-of-Way use permit for any construction and/or access on District real property. The District has an on-line permit application process. To access the on-line application, register as a new user or sign in here. For assistance with on-line application and plan review see the User GuideReview the requirements of the section in the User Guide on “File Size and Naming Conventions” prior to uploading plans for review.

How to determine whether or not a Right-of-Way permit is required

 Review the District’s Structures and Property Viewer found at http://gis.maricopa.gov/Flood-Projects/ and locate the subject property/project.  Please note that property includes easements.  

Second: Determine whether or not the project will require work on or adjacent to District property, access to District property,  have connections to District projects, or will change access points or drainage to any District property and/or projects.
If so, contact the District ROW Specialist for a final determination of whether or not a permit will be required. 

Right-of-Way Application Process

Concept Plans: Typically, permit application begins with a conceptual plan. At the applicant's discretion, District staff will meet with the applicant to discuss any conceptual plans or scope and provide information on any FCD standards that may impact the design. There is no charge for this preliminary review of your plans, and we strongly encourage this meeting as it will help to reduce the number of review cycles that your plans might need.

Design Plan Approval: The applicant can upload plans and reports to the District for review. The District will review the plans and provide written comments, if there any deficiencies. Upon completion of the review, FCD will transmit the results of the review to the applicant. Revisions to the plans may be necessary. FCD will transmit a final plan approval letter to the applicant once the FCD receives revised plans that address FCD's concerns. Please note that written correspondence does not constitute authorization to begin construction activities within FCD's right-of-way, a Right-of-Way Use Permit is required.

Easement Requirements: For permanent installations on FCD owned Right-of-Way an easement from the FCD will generally be required. The applicant will also need to provide a map exhibit and legal description of the easement in 8 ½ inches by 11 inches recordable format. After approval of the map and legal, a public notice of the proposed easement will be advertised and the property posted, followed by easement valuation. The applicant will be responsible for all costs associated with an appraisal, if applicable. Applicant shall allow 4 to 6 weeks for FCD review.

Permit Issuance: FCD will issue a Right-of-Way Use Permit after any additional paperwork and information that is outlined in the Plan Approval letter is received, all fees have been paid and a bond has been secured. The permit is typically issued to General Contractor doing the work and normally requires preparation and approval of a Work Plan and Emergency Action Plan.

Construction and Inspection: During construction, District inspectors will visit the site and provide approvals for specified activities usually involving structures. The inspection requirements will be identified during a pre-construction meeting. Changes to the plans will require approval from the District and will follow a similar process as the Design Plan Approval which may require an addendum to the permit.

As-built and Close Out: Once the work is complete and approved by the inspectors, the District requires the submittal of as-built plans and QA/QC testing data.

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